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You know how people always struggle with finding the time and energy to change their bodies? Or maybe they do have the time and energy, but they just don't know what to do? Well what I do is teach people how to get in the best shape of their lives without wasting a lot of time and energy.

“I specialize in helping people take control of their bodies. As your trainer it is my role to teach you how to become your own trainer.”

You don’t need to live at the gym to be in good shape. You don’t need to do hours of painful, strenuous exercise to be toned and fit. It all comes down to what habits you have. My JAG Fit Transformation Program makes it easy to change your body. JAG Fit is based on gradually getting yourself into healthy habits. It’s perfect for people who want to take control of their own health and fitness but don’t know how to get started or for people whose current fitness program doesn't work for them anymore.

The full JAG Fit Transformation program lasts three months.

Each day you will receive an email with another step towards living a healthy and fit lifestyle. You'll get daily support, education and affirmations. Each email will teach you a bit more of the big picture and you'll be given assignments and activities to gradually get you into the habit of thinking and acting like a fit and healthy person. Once you start, it snowballs; and your life will become more and more healthy and it will require less and less effort and bring you more and more rewards. The challenge is to get that momentum started on your own. You'll do that with this program.

Your body responds to what you do with it. Once you start following the simple advice and doing the activities laid out in the JAG Fit Transformation Program, you will start to notice more energy. You may also notice you're sleeping better. You could also notice your skin and eyes seem fresher and brighter. Your body will start to change and become the body of a more fit, athletic person. You will be more healthy, and it will show.

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This program is designed for anyone who may currently be a couch potato and wants to make the big change to being more active and more healthy. It can be difficult to make the change alone because there is so much involved. But with my step-by-step program, you will never be overwhelmed with information. I intentionally go gradually and slowly. I'll guide you each step and before you even realize it, you are living your healthy lifestyle.

Your friends will be remarking about the transformation and asking you how you did it.

recent testimonial from a JAGfit client.

At the beginning of 2011, I needed to get back in shape. I usually keep myself in pretty good shape at all times, but during the 2010 holiday season I really slacked off the exersize and let myself indulge in all of the holiday treats that I got near.

So, like many people, when the New Year came around, I vowed to transform my life back to being healthy. I followed the guidance that I've spelled out in this program and did some exercises that I spell out in one of my advanced exercise programs and within a month, I was seeing my abs again and my upper body strength had come back a lot.

I recorded that entire month on my blog and included many videos of my progress. This is the video I made on the final day, which shows some clips from how I looked on the first day. The changes are noticeable but not drastic.

The entire 12-week program is only $99. You'll receive an email a day for 90 days. You'll have access to me via email for the whole time; all you have to do is respond to the emails and I'll reply, usually within 24 hours. As long as you are in the program, you are also eligible for a discounted rate on phone or video chat sessions, if you should need extra guidance.


Or email your credit card information to get started. Include the following information in your email to pay by credit card.

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Once your payment is received you will be sent a link to a page where you can sign up to begin your JAG Fit Transformation Program.

Get ready to change your life!!

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